Today marks the inauguration of my new blog, Thirty Below FishiLeaks: Dispatches from the Undersea Realm.  FishiLeaks tackles the issues that most concern me right now: marine biology/ecology, the conservation of coral reefs and fisheries, and scuba diving. For more about my intentions, check out the blog’s Raison d’etre. I hope that the slim but almost-kind of-devoted fanbase of The Wastivore’s Dilemma will follow this new endeavor with the same lukewarm interest that made Wastivore such a success.

In January, my girlfriend Elise and I are moving to Utila Island, Honduras, to work as divemasters.  (A divemaster is a person who leads other divers around dive sites, pointing out interesting fish, navigating the reef, and preventing customers from touching things that will bite their fingers off.)  I’ve created this blog mainly as a forum for describing that experience, but I’ll also be blogging between now and January about reef creatures, dive theory, and ocean conservation. Through FishiLeaks I hope to keep my own knowledge of marine biology sharp, educate readers on the imperative of protecting marine habitat, and convince my non-diver friends that they need to get certified tomorrow. I generally dislike proselytizers, but these are subjects about which I’m happy to preach.

Thanks for reading!

Ben Goldfarb

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