Raison d’etre

Hi, and welcome to FishiLeaks, a blog about scuba diving, reef biology and ecology, and marine conservation.

FishiLeaks‘ intended readership is any person who has ever glanced at a sea creature and wondered, “What the heck is that thing?”  Though it’s written by a diver, you don’t have to have tried scuba yourself to enjoy it: if you find yourself even mildly interested by fish tanks, koi ponds, or bizarre Chinese seafood markets, I think you’ll enjoy this site.

I’m not a marine scientist, nor am I a great diver; but I aspire to be both those things, and I hope to learn as much writing this blog as my readers do perusing it. I’m shooting here for both informative and engaging, empirical and anecdotal, humorous and – when appropriate – grave. I expect this blog to place as much emphasis on profiles of cool organisms as it does the threats facing oceans.

Most of all, I want to make people passionate about diving and marine science. I want to make other divers more knowledgeable, or at least more curious, about the organisms they encounter every time they descend; and I want to make people who didn’t think they cared about fish – and believe it or not, there are people like this in the world – care.

If land-lubbers leave my website thinking, y’know, sea cucumbers are actually unbelievably cool, I’ll have succeeded. Just as Julian Assange exposed the inner machinations of the American empire to millions, I want to reveal the hidden workings of the marine world to… well, dozens, I guess.

Thanks for reading, and please contact me to correct errors, request a post on a relevant topic, or guest post. Collaborative is good.

Ben Goldfarb



One Response to Raison d’etre

  1. Fred Zemel says:

    Hi Ben. Great idea. Great stuff. Proud of you. Looking forward to reading the blog. I am a diver too, just don’t do it as much as I would like. Good luck and looking forward to reading your stuff. Regards to family.

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